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People who work with life couches include actors, business leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, executives, home workers, managers, professionals, small and start-up business owners. These people identify the gap between where they are and where they want to be, and work with life coaches when they need help achieving their specific goals - professional projects, personal development and transition.


Leadership development is the process of transforming the personal capacity of individuals to perform leadership roles in their environment. Our leadership development programs are tailored for individuals who are ready for the next... повеќе...

Health & Lifestyle

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Business & Career

The progress of businesses and the career development of individuals is based on continuous learning and increasing the capacities of the organization, ie the skills of individuals. We exchange business experience and established... повеќе...

Personal Focus & Balance

We all face huge pressures, huge stresses on a daily basis. We work to help people who are affected by such conditions regain their balance in life.What do we mean by balance in life? This means that people should eat healthy, if... повеќе...

Relationship & Communication

Long-term relationships with co-workers and clients are based on the Value Concept of relationships. Building strong relationships is having good, open, and regular communication. Communication skills need to be constantly upgraded and... повеќе...

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