Personal Focus & Balance


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We all face huge pressures, huge stresses on a daily basis. We work to help people who are affected by such conditions regain their balance in life.What do we mean by balance in life? This means that people should eat healthy, if necessary take supplements to support their health with the necessary nutrients and vitamins, sleep a normal number of hours, create a mental, psychological relaxation, socialize properly, have daily physical activities which will stimulate the creation of the hormone of pleasure which will more positively affect their mental state, to motivate them to find their peace through practicing yoga, meditation, to learn to breathe properly.

The Balancing program gives each person an individual approach taking into account all the circumstances in which the individual lives. Finding the center of his personality enables balancing and easier coping with the stresses that person faces, and at the same time finding satisfaction in everyday life. Instead of life being just work, pressure and stress represent at the same time pleasure, relaxation, love, warmth, relaxation. People need to focus on themselves and the environment. Towards themselves by working with themselves, and towards the environment by trying to socialize, to adapt to the environment in which they are, to fit in and at the same time to adapt it to their potentials, needs and desires.

There are two ways to find balance. One way is in the given situation in which they find themselves trying to work with themselves as easily and more effectively to cope with the pressure they live and adapt, and the other way is to change the workplace, to change the environment, to change the environment.