Relationship & Communication


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Long-term relationships with co-workers and clients are based on the Value Concept of relationships. Building strong relationships is having good, open, and regular communication. Communication skills need to be constantly upgraded and adapted to current social media practices. By using words in a certain way, a capable professional can influence public relations and change behavior and expectations. In society, marketing public relations is important for shaping opinions. But also in the opposite direction, public opinion influences the creation of business policies of organizations and companies. 

Our mentors guide you in establishing public relations and promotional activities in the following steps:

1. Setting up a complete communication and PR strategy

2. Targeting the target public for a specific area of ​​action

3. Practical lobbying of the target public using:
- social media (profiles, groups, pages)
- communication forums
- running blogs
- Internet advertising
- newspaper articles (print and online)
- guest appearances in shows
- presentation at public events, fairs, events. . .
- running your own You Tube channel

4. Creating a corporate social responsibility portfolio

5. Conducting promotional projects / events / activities