Партнерство меѓу приватниот и јавниот сектор во процесот на интеграција со ЕУ

We have great pleasure to invite you to participate in COSMO 2007 SmallBusiness Conference. It was organised as a business-forum for the first time in 2004 year, through cycles of seminars and workshops, and from year to year it was growing up covering key fields for the purpose of the small and medium business in the Rebublic of Macedonia. 

„Partnership between the private and public sector in the process of integration with EU„  is the title of the conference this year. The conference will be enriched with two events: Second IPA project-management seminar and First Investment forum for small business.

During the CОSМО 2007 Small Business Conference the following events will take place:

Investment forum for small business, which will provide the opportunity of face to face contact with prominent representatives of the bank and Government institutions which support the development of small business in the Republic of Macedonia;

International IPA project –management seminar, which will help in improving the abilities for preparing relevant project applications for financing by the programs of the pre-accession  and structural funds of EU;

plenary sessions for partnership of the private and and public sector,where Government and Business- representatives will discuss about the ways of better access to IPA-funds of EU. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



Edward Sofeski
SMB Project Manager