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We have great pleasure to inform you that COSMO 2008 Small Business Conference (COSMO 2008 SBC) will be held in Skopje, Macedonia, from 27-28 November, 2008 year. „Sustainable Entrepreneurship Networking„ is the title of the conference this year.

COSMO 2008 SBC extends a heartly thankfulness  to the following people and companies who contributed their time and resources to promote the COSMO 2008 Small Business Conference with a great success.

Sponsors: We would like to acknowledge the Sponsors and Exibitors for their valued support of the COSMO 2008 Small Business Conference. Please visit our Sponsors, listed to the right, for information on their valuable products and services.

Event Sponsors: A special thanks to the Sponsors for hosting the Conference networking events – Day and Night Kick-Off Cocktail – a chance to sample a wide variety of Macedonian food and drink while mingling with conference participants and new friends.

Keynote speakers: Thankfulness to our Keynote speakers

Dr. Antal Szabó - UN ret. Regional Adviser, Scientific Director of ERENET - Entrepreneurship Research and Education Network of Central European Universities, Budapest/Hungary 

Dr. Laurence Hewick – President, Hewick Research Inc., Canada; President & Director of the Golden Horseshoe Venture Forum; Director of BitNet; Co-founder of the Mohawk College International Development Institute; and member of the Viatech

Conference Secretariat Team Members: Thank you to everyone in the Conference Secretariat, Organizing Committee and Programme Committee and Conference Chairman who helped plan, organize and consult.


Launched in 2008 by the European Commission, the Enterprise Europe Network offers easy access and proximity to local services for SMEs, thus creating regional business gateways. Business actors are encouraged to share, define and disseminate best practices in fields such as innovation, expansion to new markets, enlargement of the client base, improvement of market position, etc.

Therefore, in all member states, but also in candidate states as Macedonia, strategies and programmes are currently under preparation to encourage companies in regional networking , and internationalisation of their expansion. According to the last data by the Observatory of SMEs (Analytical Report 2007) only 8% of SMEs are involved in exports, only 12% of SME inputs are purchased abroad and only 5% of EU SMEs obtain income from foreign business partnerships.

Numerous studies demonstrate the direct link between internationalization and increased SMEs performance. Pro-active internationalization reinforces growth, enhances competitiveness and supports the long term sustainability of companies. Yet European SMEs still depend largely on their domestic markets despite the opportunities and threats brought by globalization and most importantly, by the enlarged single market.

Business networking is critical for sustainable development of Macedonian companies as building the relationship in the entrepreneur network they get support for their goals, avoid isolation, make connections, receive new information of local and international market. The stimulation of the partnership through models of local, cross border and global e-commerce business networks is a priority of the CОSМО 2008 Small Business Conference.


The vision of COSMO 2008 Small Business Conference is to support information share and communication between interested parties which will contribute in establishing partnership betwee partners of EU countries and Macedonia in growing business networks that will influence to sustainable economic development. The main focus of the conference will be establishing business network and creating new business models, innovations and finance opportunities for the network members of EU and candidate countries.

The conference is a place where over 150 representatives of the public sector, small and medium enterprises from the Republic of Macedonia
and the South-East Europe region, as well as experts from EU will meet. The conference consists of an educative part, as well as a discussion forum and workshop for exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas for technical, economic and legal issues which are a challenge for the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Networking of the private sector of the Republic of Macedonia with regional and EU business companies and organisations.

Sincerely yours,

Edward Sofeski
COSMO 2008
SBC Project Manager


International Council for Small Business

Euro Info Korespondentni Centar Bosna i Hercegovina

BSMEPA - Bulgarian Small
and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency

Anima Investment Network  

ELTIS - European Local Transport Information Service


Small Business Research Portal

European Agenda

ESBRI - Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Research Institute

Bureau Alsace

Standardization Institute of the Republic of Macedonia

Europe INNOVA Initiative

Innovating regions in Europe


Institute for small business and entrepreneurship

Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation


conference venue ...


The conference is supported by funding from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia



SEE University -
Business Development Centre


Small Business Chamber

Oda Ekonomike e Maqedonisë

Human Resources Development Fund

Macedonian-German Economy Union

Restaurant "Oreov lad"

COSMO 2008
Small Business Conference
Global Entrepreneurs Week Event


Entrepreneurship Research and Education Network
of Central European Universities

Economic Chamber
for Tourism of Macedonia



Small Enterprise Development in
the Republic of MACEDONIA

An overview (.pdf)

All participants interested in CОSМО 2008 Small Business Conference
can register for through the following



bul. Jane Sandanski 113 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

tel. (02) 244 8077, 075 438 576, fax. (02) 244


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