COSMO 2008 Energy Efficiency Conference


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Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energies and Sustainability Three Key Factors of New Energy Development Strategies

I. Introduction

II. Composition of Energy Consumption

III. Competitiveness to Fossil Fuels

IV. Constraints

V. Possible Solutions

VI. Importance of the Energy Efficiency Improvement

VII. Conclusion


Co-Financing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects Through Kyoto Mechanisms

I. Introduction - General Overview on Kyoto Protocol

II. Practical examples of Kyoto projects

A. Onega Coal to biomass project JI project

B. LFG project in Novi Sad, Serbia

C. Animal waste management and bioenergy generation project, Serbia

III. Kyoto Protocol in Macedonia

A. CDM potential in Macedonia

1) Energy sector

2) Renewable energy sector

3) Waste sector

4) Land Use Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF)

IV. Conclusion


Financial Effects from Geothermal Heat Pumps Installation in Public High Schools in Republic of Macedonia

I. Introduction

II. How Geothermal Heat Pumps Operate

A. Graphic on GHP heating system

III. Financial Effects

B. Annual savings of energy in case of Geothermal Heat Pump installations

C. Financial effects through figures

IV. CO2 Emissions in Cases of Conventional Heating

Energy Efficiency Equals Cost Efficiency: Engaging Sectoral Organisations as Champions and Messengers to Reduce Energy Use in Freight Transport

I. Introduction


III. The INTERACTION Common Framework

A. National Strategy Plan

B. Creating awareness

C. Selection of industries

D. Identification of measures

E. Embedding and dissemination

IV. Case Studies from The Netherlands

V. More on the Sectoral Approach within the Metallurgic Industry


Perspectives of Sludge Using from the Treatment Plant "Vranista" - Struga

I. Project Information for the Sludge

II. Working Experience from the Drying Fields and Introduction of Forced Dehidratation with Belt Filter Press

III. Hitherto Knowledge of Quantity and Quality of Dehidratated Sludge

IV. Methods of Refining of Dry Sludge

V. Conclusion

Used literature

B M S (Building Management System)

I. Basic Principles

II. Pre-Dispositions Needed

III. Hardware & Software Structure Of BMS

IV. Solution Concept

A. Control Systems for Thermo Technical Installations

B. Control Systems for Hydro Technical Installations

C. Control Systems For Electro Energy Installations

D. Telecommunication and Data Systems

E. Alarm Systems

F. Monitoring System

G. Service Systems

H. Central Measuring System

I. Control Systems for Illumination (Indoor/ Outdoor)

J. Seismic Measuring System

Statistics of Energy Consumption in Households

I. Consumption of Energy in the Households in 2005

II. Consumption of Electricity in the Households in the Period 1995-2005


IV. Appendix


Biomass Renewable Energy Sources

I. Introduction

II. Overview of the wood-based industry in Malaysia

III. Overview of the Malaysian oil Palm Industry

IV. Overview of the Paddy Field in Malaysia

V. Urban Solid Waste in Malaysia

VI. Potentials of Malaysia in Tomorrows Solid Fuel

VII. Solid Biofuels Quality Standards

VIII. Implementation of biomass densification in Malaysia

IX. Pellets Technology

X. Conclusion


The prospect of Jatropha-Driven Biofuel: The case of Malaysia

I. Introduction

II. The Asian Perspective

III. The Malaysian Biofuel Industry

IV. The Attractiveness of Jatropha Curcas

V. Experimental Site

VI. Conclusion


Chances for Geothermal Energy in Central and Eastern European Countries

I. Introduction

II. State-Of-The-Art of Geothermal Energy Application

A. Geothermal resource and application

B. Technologies

1) Heating Greenhouses with Geothermal Energy

2) Space heating

3) Balneology and heating of spas facilities and buildings

4) Aquaculture Pond and Raceway Heating

5) Agricultural Crop Drying

6) Heat pumps

7) Other experiences

8) General estimation for the applied technologies

C. Economy of Use. Development

III. Possibilities (or Chances) for Development

IV. Estimation of Possible Market

V. Main Constraits and Needed Measures to Open the Chances

VI. Conclusion


Enhanced Solar-Thermal Collector Efficiency Using Selective Coatings and Different Absorber Designs

I. Introduction

A. Operating Principles of Flat-Plate Collectors

B. Spectrally Selective Absorber Surfaces

C. TiNxOy absorber surfaces

II. Experimental Methods

A. Sample Preparation

B. Optical Characterization

C. Dynamic Testing of Solar Collectors

III. Results and Discussion

IV. Conclusions


Sveti Nikola - Wind Farm Construction Project

Development of Small Hydro Power Plants in Republic of Macedonia and Slovak Republic

I. Definition of Hydro Power Plants

II. Small Hydro Power in Republic of Macedonia

III. Hydropower in Slovak Republic

Small hydro power plant building procedure in Slovak Republic

IV. Prices Comparison

V. Conclusion


Equipment for Using Biogas and Modes of Biogas Plants Operation

I. Biomass

II. Equipment for Biomass Treatment

III. Planning of Biogas Plant

IV. Main Factors for Choosing a Model of a Biogas plant

V. Energetic Value of Biogas

VI. Biogas system integrated into electro energetic system

VII. Economical and operational conditions

VIII. Electrical Energy Production with Parallel Operation

IX. The role of Biogas in Republic of Macedonia

Natural Gas Industry in Iran

I. Preface

II. Natural Gas Treating & Dehydration Capacity

III. Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines

A. The Iranian Gas Trunk line IV

B. The Iranian Gas Trunk line V

C. The Iranian Gas Trunk line VI

IV. Gas Delivery Project to the Sistan & Baluchestan Province

A. The Iranian Gas Trunk line VII

B. The Iranian Gas Trunk line VIII

V. The Main Transmission Pipeline project (loop line)

VI. Other Main Transmission pipelines

VII. Gas compressor stations

VIII. National Gas Dispatching Project

IX. BUY Back Project phase II

A. Project Documents

B. Project Specifications

C. Project Goals

D. Project Items

X. Iran's Natural Gas Trade

A. Varamin's Yortshie Reservoir

B. Ghom's Sarajeh Reservoir

C. Other Reservoirs

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