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COSMO Innovate Center is an international consulting company.

We offer consulting services for producing, service and trade enterprises.

Cosmo Innovate Center is Macedonian leader in formal life-long education and training (VET) and non-formal in-site education in the companies, legal-economic, financial and marketing outsourcing consulting, projecting and consulting in productive-energetic technologies and building.

Cosmo Innovate Center supplies TQM (Total Quality Management) consulting program for producing service and trade companies. The aim of this program is to provide solid platform from which the enterprise will be able to realize sale and marketing, and at the same time to provide economically effective and qualitative management system of the enterprise.


Regional Project Strategy 

COSMO Innovative Center is a logistic project center through which the domestic and international consulting companies realize projects in the countries from the South-East Europe and Macedonia.Beauty Macedonia

The advantages of our logistic project center are:

  • Its excellent location 200 kilometers apart (air line) from all bigger regional centers: Tirana, Podgorica, Pristina, Sofia, Thessaloniki, as well as the proximity to Sarajevo, Belgrade and Istanbul.

  • Low local and international transport and communicational costs.

  • Low costs of living (local food and accommodation).

  • Experienced multi-ethnic project team for logistic support of the regional projects (experts of finance, accounting, shipping, transport, simultaneous translations from the local languages Serbian, Albanian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish into English, German and French language).

  • Local experts with international experience from the following fields: architecture, building industry, ecology, environment impact assessment, international legislative, project management, training facilitators and moderators, energy efficiency, energy audit, renewable energy systems.

Beauty Macedonia

COSMO Innovate Center as an organization for support of business has a meaningful role in the support of the local companies in the export to the European and international markets and in building up cooperation with the potential foreign trade partners. In the promotional printed and multimedia materials, fair presentations and promotions in foreign countries COSMO Innovate Center affirms the origin of the Macedonian products with the logo of Beauty Macedonia. more...


COSMO TRADE CENTER represents a trade portal that enables export and import support for the Macedonian small and medium size enterprises through an information exchange for the products and the services, for which COSMO Innovative Center appears as a representative, distributor or agent. more...

COSMO Trade Center in the agency in Sweden organizes promotional activities and presentations of Macedonian products and helps in the trade activities through the harbour Geteborg, as an entrance trading harbour for the Scandinavian countries, Poland and the Russian Federation. Certificate for a tax number ussued by Skatterverket (Swedish Tax Agency) for the agency of COSMO Innovate Center in Sweden.


The companies interested in strategic presentation in the countries of BENELUX / Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg need the information of the local business markets of these countries, above all, strategic information from the head office of the basic institutes of EU-Brussels.

COSMO Trade Center through its agency in Belgium provides consulting services and information necessary for the management bodies of the Macedonian companies. We provide the companies with a direct contact with countries and institutions in BENELUX or our consultants from Belgium come into your company.

The countries from Central Europe are priority for the promotional activities of qualitative Macedonian products with limited period of duration and limited values of transport/distributional costs included in the market competitive price. Bratislava (Slovakia) is a place for coordination of the promotional activities of COSMO Trade Center in the region of Central Europe.

The projects for energetic efficiency in the building industry, municipalities, small and medium enterprises, investment projects in the energetics and development projects for alternative energetic sources are managed by the representative of COSMO Innovate Center in Vienna, Austria.

Translation Service

COSMO Innovate Center offers 24-hour service for simultaneous translation and legally official translation of texts and documents for the needs of the foreign investors, companies, agencies, mission of foreign institutions in Macedonia.


Our team possesses 10 professional translators and proofreaders for English, German, Albanian, Serbian/Croatian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish language.


Conference Support Service

We offer the possibility for organized translation during international conferences, seminars, workshops, trade negotiations, business meetings, presentations, fairs with provided technical means for following the translation (headsets, microphones, translation booths, sound system, multimedia LCD projector and presentation screen.


For further information contact us at tel: (02) 244 8077, 075 438 576 and fax (02) 244 or by e-mail



The development of regional trade relations with the countries in South-East Europe and Turkey through manufacturing, distributing and logistic center in Macedonia is economically efficient solution for the foreign investors interested in market expansions of the new Members and Member-candidates in EU. 

COSMO Innovate Center offers information and consulting necessary for the final decision making process for investment in the Republic of Macedonia:

  • Conditions for establishing a company in Macedonia by a foreign natural or legal person

  • Conditions for establishing an agency of a foreign company in Macedonia

  • Trade structure (distribution channels), consumer behavior, market segmentation

  • Company profile report - Company Hierarchies, Subsidiary Relationships, Percentage of Ownership, Earnings, Net Income and Net Worth, Sales, Assets and Liabilities, Number of Employees, Key Personnel, Board of Directors, Years in Business, Outside Legal Firms, Auditor

  • Logistic and export procedures

  • Import regulations (tariffs, quotas and non-tariff barriers, quality and packaging standards, phytosanitary regulations)

  • Trade related environment policies & regulations

  • Conditions for buying development land and conditions for building apartment and business buildings in Macedonia

  • Tax and fiscal conveniences for foreign and domestic investors

  • Financial support, investment and local investors

  • Promotion (trade fairs and trade promotion)

  • Business-to-business contacts

  • Legal regulation of employment and insurance of workers in Macedonia


17 February 2012

Macedonian Energy Efficiency Networking Day 2012, Skopje, Macedonia

13-15 May 2011

COSMO 2011 Small Business Conference

"The Emerging Importance of Knowledge and Management Skills"
Hotel Continental
Skopje, Macedonia

We have great pleasure to inform you that COSMO 2011 Small Business Conference (COSMO 2011 SBC) will be held in Skopje, Macedonia, on 13-15th May, 2011 year. The Emerging Importance of Knowledge and Management Skills is the title of the conference this year.

Sharing knowledge, exchange information and building partnerships to improve business is a priority of the CS 2011 Small Business Conference. We invite you to join us at the conference as a sponsor or as a participant.


application (download)

1 February 2011 

Macedonian Energy Efficiency Networking Day 2011, Skopje, Macedonia

The organizers of Macedonian Energy Efficiency Networking Day are "The Small Business Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Macedonia and "COSMO Innovate Center". The participants will promote their Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources projects and project ideas for support by the Inteligent Energy Europe - Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme in front of the potential partners present at the event.

Macedonian Energy Efficiency Networking Day 2011 is official Energy Day of SUSTAINABLE ENERGY EUROPE CAMPAIGN - an iniative of the European Commission

read more... 

3 June 2010

COSMO 2010 Energy Efficiency Conference

"Energy Efficient Construction"
Hotel Continental
Skopje, Macedonia

 23 January 2010

Energy Efficiency Networking Day, Skopje, Macedonia

The organizers of Energy Efficiency Networking Day are "The Small Business Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Macedonia and "COSMO Innovate Center" with support by The Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia. The participants will promote their Energy Efficiency projects and project ideas for support by the Inteligent Energy Europe - Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme in front of the potential partners present at the event.

11 September 2009

FP7 Networking Day, Skopje, Macedonia

The organizers of FP7 Networking Day are "The Chamber of Commerce of North West Macedonia and "COSMO Innovate Center" with support by The Agency for support of the entrepreneurship of the Republic of Macedonia. The participants will promote their FP6/FP7 projects and project ideas for support by the European Commission in front of the potential partners present at the event.

FP7 Networking Day

"How to obtain FP7 funding"
(download, .ppt, 1,40 MB

25-27 February 2009

World Sustainable Days 2009

Wels, Austria

COSMO Innovate Center representative is participant in the European Pellet Conference and ENERGIESPARMESSE


27-28 November 2008

COSMO 2008 Small Business Conference

"Sustainable Entrepreneurship Networking"
Hotel Holiday Inn
Skopje, Macedonia


30 May - 31 October 2008

COSMO - WIFI IKT Twinning Project
Foreign Trade Management training
A modular educational system designed to refresh existing knowledge and to teach new methods and techniques. Graduates receive a recognized WIFI qualification.


16-17 May 2008
COSMO 2008 Energy Efficiency Conference
"Manage Energy Efficient Economy and Improve Environment Quality"
Hotel Continental, Skopje, Macedonia

Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign Event


29 - 31 January 2008
7th ManagEnergy Annual Conference
Charlemagne Building, Brussels

COSMO Innovate Center is a participant in the upcoming Seventh ManagEnergy Annual Conference as part of EUSEW 2008: The Second EU Sustainable Energy Week (www.eusew.eu) Mrs. Snezana Miteva is registered representative of COSMO Innovate Center on the conference events. She will present COSMO activities in the energy efficiency and renewables to interested project partners during the European Info Day 2008.


30 October - 1 Novemeber 2007

COSMO 2007 Small Business Conference

"Private and public partnership towards the EU integration process"
Hotel Continental, Skopje, Macedonia

conference program >>


13-15 April 2007

Seminar "Project Quality Management", Skopje, Macedonia
Trainer: David Huysman, Success Consulting Ltd.
Facilitator: Oliver Belcovski , COSMO Innovate Center
Project Quality Management - Guidelines to design Quality Fiches_versLight(.ppt)

11-16 March 2007

Acquaintance with the bailiff systems in EU Member States - Study visit to Bonn, Germany 11.-16. 03.2007

participans >>

31. May 2006 to 02. June 2006

Regional Round Table in Serbia, Vrnjacka Banja

Module 1 An independent Judiciary within the framework of the CARDS 2003 Regional Project Establishment of an Independent, Reliable, and Functioning Judiciary and the Enhancing of the Judicial Co-operation in the Western Balkans

31 May - 2 June 2006

COSMO Innovate Center is a participant in the upcoming international 6th Balkan Conference for Energetics (6th Balkan Power Conference) which will be held between 31st May - 2nd June 2006 in Ohrid, Macedonia.

participans >> 

30 May 2006



COSMO Innovate Center is a participant in the upcoming Converting Policy to Action Annual Conference and European Info Day 2006. This event is organized by the Intelligent Energy Executive Agency (IEEA). Mrs. Snezana Miteva is registered representative of COSMO Innovate Center on this event as one of 500 registered participants working in the energy efficiency and renewables field.



31 May 2006

The Centre (22, Avenue Marnix, B-1000 Brussels)

COSMO Innovate Center will introduce its Bright strategy in investments concerning efficient lighting supply in Macedonia. 

The initiative is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme


COSMO economic programme

The economic programme is directed towards support of private small and medium enterprises. We work with local firms, but we also develop cooperation with foreign companies. Check the fields of our expertise.


Long-life learning

Lifelong training programme offers certificated business-oriented training for individuals prepared for qualification and progress in their careers or in-site training for companies, which care for continuous education of the executive management.

Following successfully the trainings from the last year cycles, the programme for this year is improved and offers bigger choice for new courses and trainings.

    what is lifelong learing?



There are numerous examples when well planned projects or project components where a training is necessary, finish unsuccessfully because the consultants were not prepared for contradictive influence of the attendants of the training, they didnt motivate their hidden needs and interests and the active participation in the training.

Your listeners and clients know that the technique and the special expertise are not enough. They want you to initiate process of changes.

Therefore is necessary to use all your creativity and new technique for teaching and learning.

Site Map

May 2013


COSMO is member of EUREMplus (European Energy Manager plus) project submited to  Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, Key action 10.1.2. SAVE Industrial Excellence in Energy and approved by EACI in Brussels. The Grant Agreement was signed by the project coordinator - Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Germany on behalf of all EUREMplus partners.

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5 April 2012 

Slovenian Energy Efficiency Networking Day in Macedonia 2012, Skopje, Macedonia

17 February 2012

Macedonian Energy Efficiency Networking Day 2012, Skopje, Macedonia



promotion and advertising activities through COSMO...

more about promotion and adverising

Informative edition of Cosmo Innovate Center. We inform you weekly about the new Innovate business decisions and activities, which we publish publically as Cosmo view.

Thematic periodic edition in which we elaborate themes interesting for small and medium enterprises (SME) in Macedonia.

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